Kitchens (Countertop, Backsplash, Floors, Cabinets)

The kitchen is the center of the home, it’s the one place in the house where there’s a constant inflow and outflow of people. Your friends and family come together I the kitchen to enjoy a delicious meal while surrounded by the people they love. Then why shouldn’t the looks of your kitchen not match this serene mood? Amos Tiles realize the importance of a well-designed, highly functional, artistically beautiful and impactful kitchen that not just mesmerizes all those who enter, but also raises the value of the house considerably. Many homes in Las Vegas were made during the boom of circa 2000, these used relatively cheaper materials and products in their constructions. This led to many of the cabinets and counters having cracks or just breaking down at one point. But with our installation, remodel and repair services you can rest assured that your kitchen will truly become the most appealing aspect of your house.

Flooring (Marble, Granite, Natural Tiles, Ceramic, Slate)

We work with all types of flooring. Whether its porcelain, stack stone, slate stone, wood, wood looking tile, glass, limestone, travertine, with our creative insight and years of experience we can make some of the most stunning and breathtaking designs and floor art is the least amount of time. To take full advantage of our impeccable flooring services request a quote now!

Bathrooms (Fixtures, Jacuzzi Tubs, Vanities, Showers)

Have a concept for your bathroom? We at Amos Tiles can make that concept come to life in the form of a spectacular bathroom. It should be noted that having your bathroom renovated to look more appealing drastically increase your real estate value. A modern bathroom should be stylish, efficient, comfortable, and a place for relaxing along with increasing the value of your home if you use a reputable contractor such as us.


We install tile around the pool area and the patio. We also build barbecue bar combos with full granite slabs or tile. Our granite  fireplaces and pizza ovens are a great time for for family and friends, they can be added to an outdoor bar or barbecue


We install tile or granite slabs on indoor or outdoor fireplaces. We can also move fireplaces to adjust your floor plan.


We can completely remodel your home to create the floor plan of your dreams. Whether its enlarging your kitchen or knocking down some walls anything can be done.

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